Sustainable Transformation

I have been working in digital transformation for years. In Digital Transformation At Scale, Andrew Greenway, Ben Terrett, Mike Bracken and Tom Loosemore (2021) define digital transformation as:

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Personal Development Plan based on initial skills scan for level 5 Coaching Professional

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Eco Design

This week the two worlds of software development and sustainable design started to line up and I predict in the coming years this area will come into sharp focus (it’s quite fuzzy at the moment - as you can find out if you look for research).

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Unwrapping duty 1

This page will evolve as I branch out from each of the items to work that I need to do / learn.


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The percentage of our teams’ working day that can be attributed directly to things that are of value to end users.

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Jonny's Blog

Most good things are built on the greatness of others. I’m starting this as my own diary. It is partly aide-mémoire, partly reflective learning exercise.

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