01 May 2022

The percentage of our teams’ working day that can be attributed directly to things that are of value to end users.

What is “of value” and how is it measured?

Easier to think of what is not of value:

  • Working on software that is scrapped (design / code / test )
  • Sending poor quality downstream (causing rework)
  • Doing too much

Why does it matter?

  • Waste of people’s time
  • Motivation
  • Untapped potential
  • Productivity and competitiveness

Why might it happen?

  • Disconnected people and work
  • Good intentioned, but poorly directed leadership (itself a waste of a leader’s time)
    • Asking the wrong thing of people
    • Ineffective support systems


  • Mistaking lack of direct industry as lack of value. Think about knowledge work and negative capability.
  • Unintended impact of measurement and controls. Understand systems and systems thinking.


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