Design Systems and Monitoring

14 May 2022

Two separate themes dominate this week

Design Systems

Thinking about the purpose of design through building software from interaction design through to detailed design of code (coding!).

Working through the importance of frameworks for common patterns and how this relates to embodiment design, i.e. how all the configurations, layouts, connections meet the requirements and how we can get re-use without having to re-imagine everything from scratch every time.

Service Monitoring

Designing for the lifecycle of the product beyond an implementation project.

Answering questions such as:

  • Does the service meet the user needs and contractual obligations at point of delivery?
  • How can this be measured?
    • Before production (testing, observations)
    • After go-live (monitoring, observation, user research)
  • How gather insights in service to react to changes in use-age, test assumptions, increase value to users, running costs / efficiencies.

Listening to

Jamz Supernova - Tobago power hour