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Hi Alban, welcome to the world of programming. If you are not Alban, whenever you read the word Alban replace it with Penny. Sometimes I will instead address these lessons to Penny. In this situation if you are not Penny, replace it Alban.

If you are neither Alban or Penny then we have a problem, especially if you are an evil robot.


A computer computes. It can do many things like send stuff to your screen to be displayed, add up sums you can’t be bothered to or help robots plan for world domination (side note - they should not be allowed to plan for world domination on their own).


A computer program is like a recipe to describe the behaviours you would like your computer to exhibit.

In this lesson bid for Alban world domination we will introduce the simplest behaviour we can. This is partly to get you used to building blocks, and partly to give me time to do more interesting stuff.

On this page

A “code editor” window (light coloured thing with line numbers).

An “output” console (the black square)

A run button.

What to do

I have already, with the power of coding, created a program which waits for you to press the run button, then takes the code from the code editor, passes it to a Python interpreter and executes the run-able stuff it produces via the browser, right there in your computer box next to you (if you are at your gaming rig).

Any “output” will be put in the “output” console. Output could be the Python interpreter telling you it hasn’t a clue what you wanted it to do or what we will call “standard output”.

I want you to program it to say, “Sir stinkalot is really Jonny” - Just like that.

When you are done - email me a screenshot as proof of your greatness to

print("hello stinky") print("more stinky")
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