Super Auto Albans
5 - Classes

Well done - in the last lesson you learnt:

  1. You can assign values to variables
  2. Variables are probably useful, but we aren’t sure why yet. You’ll find out soon that you’ll need them all over the place to help you solve problems
  3. Variables have names
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4 - Variables

Well done Alban - in the last lesson you learnt:

  1. Python uses spaces at the beginning of lines to group code into best friends
  2. We could use this with for loops to tell python which bits got repeated (belonged to the for loop) and which bits were outside the loop
  3. If you mess with spaces, the compiler sometimes gets cross (throws you an error)
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3 - Space

Well done Alban - in the last lesson you successfully:

  1. Reinforced the stinkyness of Jonny
  2. Looked at repeating stuff
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1 - Hello Computer

Hi Alban, welcome to the world of programming. If you are not Alban, whenever you read the word Alban replace it with Penny. Sometimes I will instead address these lessons to Penny. In this situation if you are not Penny, replace it Alban.

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